​​​​​​​​dr. Shawn Ricks

"Thank you. These affirmations were helpful and kept me centered while I was going through. I appreciate the words and will refer to them often"

"I can't tell you how much this made a difference in my life the past 21 days...I feel soo much better about myself and confident in my abilities...I have written my daily affirmations down and will continue speaking hem into my life!!"

Dr. Ricks is passionate about helping women and girls discover the path to self-love. She is an experienced counselor, trainer and author.  Dr. Ricks offers a wide array of coaching,counseling, training and speaking services specializing in areas of social justice, equity and empowerment. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate as well as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate. Dr. Ricks will inspire you to step into yourself fully and wholly. Too often people act as pigeons, heads down and thankful for crumbs. Dr. Ricks will encourage you to start “peacocking”—to stand tall, spread your feathers and live out your dreams! 

Originally from Philadelphia, Dr. Ricks has overcome several life challenges in pursuit of her dreams. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at The Pennsylvania State University as a single mother, and completed her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as a married, working mother of three. These experiences helped her learn more about how to help others believe in themselves, without falling into the trap of being a superwoman. She learned how to take off her cape, and rest—and now she encourages women to pursue balance in pursuit of optimum physical and mental health. 


Coaching prices start at

$50 per half hour

$90 per hour

Sliding scale available. Call for more information

Other services:

15 minute consult via phone ($20)

Sessions are available in person, by phone or via Skype.

Contact Dr. Ricks for more information

336-937-8883 or info@drshawnricks.com