Dr. Ricks has authored several works, including the following selected publications: 

Ricks, S. (2012) Walking the "Only" Road: Psychological Tight Spaces 

Ricks, S. (2012) Breaking Bread with Audre, Journal of Black Masculinity, 2 (3), p. 25-50.

Ricks, S. (2009) Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Survival Skills of African American Women Journal of Justice Studies, p. 96-108.

Ricks, S. (2009) Review of Career Interventions and Techniques: A Complete Guide for Human Service Professionals (2007) by Molly S. Duggan, M.S. and Jurgens, J.C. . Human Service Education; Vol. 29 (1), p84-86.

Arango, S. and Levey, M., (1998) College and Women of Color, in How to succeed on a majority campus: a guide for minority students. Levey, M., Blanco, M., and Jones, W.T. (Eds.), Wadsworth: CA

Write Your Own Story:

A Handbook

by Shawn Arango Ricks

"There is no one else like you in the universe—and there never will be. Who better to write your story than you? You may think that you have been an active participant in the story of your life up until this point, and maybe to a certain extent you have, but writing your story will demand that you step into yourself with a fierce assertiveness. When we allow others to write our stories, we give them not only ownership of the book—but also the characters, the story lines, the chapter titles and most importantly the ending. These are things that we/you need to control. Get busy."


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​​​​​​​​dr. Shawn Ricks


Psychological Tight Spaces:

One Black Feminist Scholar's

Journey into Academia 

by Shawn Arango Ricks

"This book chronicles one Black feminist’s attempt to “make sense” of how Black Feminist Scholars negotiate power, navigate oppression, and resist domination in academia. The author examines her experiences with a backdrop of Critical Race Theory, Critical Race Feminism, and Critical Discourse Analysis, and by utilizing a secondary and textual analysis of Sister Outsider (2007) by Audre Lorde, and Teaching to Transgress (1994) by bell hooks."